4x4web/Sailinks privacy policy/terms & conditions

I have always believed that small print is a way of getting out of things and that a business run honestly should not need to. However the world we live in requires......

Anybody placing a classified advert on 4x4web/Sailinks will not have their contact details sold or passed on to any other company or person outside of my own business with the following exceptions:
If I happen to notice that a wanted advert and a 4sale advert match up then I may put the two people in touch.
If someone has asked me to look out for a specific item then I may put them in touch.
If I consider an advert or response is coming from a criminal source then this may be passed on to the authorities. eg scammers may be passed to the appropriate abuse@ email address at their ISP.

We publish adverts in good faith, the content is submitted to us by the advertisers and published as such. Consequently we cannot be responsible for the content and the status of any vehicle or item offered for sale. We will however do our best to police adverts for honesty when we can. We may modify adverts to make them more easily understandable. It is possible, although unlikely, that we will change an adverts meaning. eg 11mths may be changed to 11 months, ex con may be changed to excellent condition, (and not ex convict!). All advertisers are asked to check their advert in the Thanks Page that comes up after submitting the advert. I therefore consider it their responsibility to notify me immeadiately of any misleading wording.

Tyre Quotes/Info requests
Anybody responding to our tyres quote form/tyre info request will have their details passed on to whichever company(s) that we have currently agreed to pass details onto.

We publish events in good faith, the content is submitted to us by the advertisers and published as such. Chck with the organiser if you have any questions or want to confirm the venue is still on.

Links to other sites
We publish links in good faith. We cannot be responsible for the content of other web sites or what services they offer. However we do keep our ears open for negative feedback about any link.

Links to affiliate sites
We help pay for the operation of the sites by being involved in affiliate and pay per click schemes. Any company thus linked is done so in good faith, however do send any negative comments back to me. If in doubt or you want more information contact Nigel on 07973 214323

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