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4x4web - Established 1997, one of the longest running 4x4 web sites. The whole site and domain name is now up for sale due to my retirement. Contact me, Nigel, if interested, on 07973 214323 or details at the bottom of this page.

4x4 domain names for sale from 4x4web
Due to retirement we are selling off our 4x4 related domain names, and web sites where applicable, that we have purchased over the years.
If interested please contact Nigel 07973 214323 or
10 Nov P

Scam: If you are offered more than the asking price with a request to send the balance to a shipping agent or other destination. This is a CON. All they want is the transfer for the balance as their cheque is stolen or otherwise made of rubber. Note cheques including bank drafts & building society cheques are all worthless pieces of paper until cleared & PAID by the issuing bank. Cleared alone means NOTHING. If in doubt ring me on 07973 214323

For more info on scams Scam Examples & How to get paid for your 4x4

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Banking jargon: Cleared cheque/bankers draft = This cheque/draft has no value but is now appearing in your account as though it really exists. You will even be told that you can draw against it. However until it is PAID the money will not be yours. Your bank can pull back CLEARED funds months after if the amount is not PAID by the issuing bank or if the cheque was used fraudulently. If in doubt ring me on 07973 214323

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They host their web site with 4x4web

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